Human out of Me by Steve Durham

We’re super excited to see our friend Steve Durham’s essay “Human out of Me” listed as a notable essay in 2017’s Leslie Jamison-edited Best American Essays! To celebrate, we’re posting his essay, from our Fall 2016 issue, here in full. It’s the right time of year for it – these short, cold, dark days. Steve’s essay emerges […]

In the Current: An Interview with Richard Morse

As Haiti kicks off its month-long Carnival celebrations, OPOSSUM presents John B. Edgar’s interview with band leader and hotelier Richard Morse, which originally appeared in our FALL 2016 ISSUE. We’ve added video links to music by Morse’s pioneering voodoo singer/dance/folklorist mother, Morse’s new wave band, The Groceries, and his current mizik rasin band RAM. We […]

The White Albums

Today is the 48th anniversary of the release of The Beatles, better known as the White Album. To celebrate, here’s an outtake from the tumultuous recording sessions for that album, capturing “Revolution” as well as bits that would become “Revolution 9” before the mitosis of those two songs was complete. Note: it sounds better if […]