OPOSSUM was founded in 2015 by writers John B. Edgar and Jon Ross as an intersectional arts journal focusing on literature animated by music. The name and idea of starting a journal came to JBE in a dream. 

The relationship to music need not be explicit, as we are interested in discovering how it appears in each piece. Oftentimes the more difficult connections between music and literature are the most satisfying, so there is no hard rule as to how the music manifests.  

Each issue of OPOSSUM, with the exception of the Spring 2018 issue, features a 7” vinyl album (tucked into a pouch in the back) which includes recordings of poems and pose excerpts performed by the writers, often with musical accompaniment of some sort. The size of the record dictated the shape of the book, hence our distinctive 8×8 square format. 

Following a brief hiatus in 2019, Rima Ruhman became the new publisher and the journal shifted to an annual print schedule. Other notable changes planned are the inclusion of translated works and a section dedicated to visual art. An annual OPOSSUM Prize series was also announced, with monetary awards bestowed by prominent writers in each genre. 

Current Staff: 

Publisher & Chief Editor: Rima Ruhman (

Fiction Editor: John B. Edgar (

Poetry Editor: Gerard Lambert (

Nonfiction Editor: TBA

Visual Art Editor: Rima Ruhman

Notable Benefactors (we are ever so grateful):

Lucia Case

Philip and Jody Case

Ben Fountain

Literary Arts

Chris Offutt