OPOSSUM is a biannual literary magazine featuring work animated by music. We publish two print issues per year, each including a 7-inch vinyl record of author readings! After each printing, we trickle out all contributors’ work to the website where it is freely available to share.

Publisher and founding co-editor John Blanton Edgar (J. Edgar), began writing somewhat late in life after a stint as a medic in the Army and a decade spent in biomedical research. Originally from the Appalachian foothills of East Tennessee, he has lived, worked, and studied in Texas, California, Georgia, Montana, Iowa, and Oregon. He received a B.S. in Cell and Molecular Biology from the University of Montana and an M.F.A. in Creative Writing (fiction) from Texas State University, where he’s currently a Lecturer in the Department of English. He recently completed his first novel, Year of the Monkey, and is working on a collection of personal essays while pursuing another M.F.A. in Creative Nonfiction at Oregon State University.  He also dabbles in questionable poetry and has a record collection that weighs more than all of his friends, combined. In his spare time, JE plays old guitars through absurdly tiny amps, consumes books ravenously, and is genuinely honored to read and publish your work. You can reach him at opossum.jedgar@gmail.com.

Managing and founding co-editor Jon Ross lives with his wife, three chickens, and a kink-tailed cat named Kiki in his hometown, Portland, OR. He has an MFA in fiction/non-fiction from Oregon State University and has published work in The Oklahoma Review and the Oregon Stater. He teaches classes on David Bowie and is working on a memoir paralleling his grandmother’s passion for Hawaiian pop star Don Ho with his fascination for the Thin White Duke. You can reach him at opossum.jonross@gmail.com

Poetry co-editor Rebecca Jean Olson is into Bach, hip hop, and witch pop. She has an MFA in poetry from Oregon State, and has published work in PANK, cream city review, Dogwood, and a few other journals. Originally from Minnesota, she lives and writes in Portland, Oregon. You can read some of her poems at rebeccajeanolson.com.

Poetry co-editor Ashton Kamburoff is a poet from Cleveland, Ohio. He’s currently the Clark Writer in Residence in Smithville, TX.  His interests include (but are certainly not limited to): train tracks, James Brown, front porches, and baseball on the radio. His work has been published in Shadowgraph, Toad, Blast Furnace, and other literary journals. You can reach him at opossum.akamburoff@gmail.com.

Poetry co-editor Maya Polan has lived in Connecticut, California, Indonesia, Oregon, and Texas, graduating with a BA and an MFA en route. Her writing recently appeared in GristNew Haven Review, and Cloudbank.

Why OPOSSUM? In November, 2015, as we were thinking out how to do this thing, John Edgar had a dream in his bed in San Marcos, TX, that he was representing a magazine called OPOSSUM on the book fair floor of a well known literary conference. The next day, in Portland, OR, Jon Ross opened an old cookbook at random to a recipe for Baked Opossum. Subsequently, a majestically large Opossum moved into the woods behind John Edgar’s house, and Jon Ross’s cat, Kiki, began spending her nights surveilling a ghostlike creature who’d moved in under his porch.

Opossums love persimmons. The rest is history.