A Literary Marsupial

OPOSSUM’s Debut Coming This Summer

You’ve found OPOSSUM, the literary marsupial for writing animated by music! We are seeking submissions through May 30 for our print debut, which will appear this summer in a striking square format with a 7-inch record of author readings included. Read our MANIFESTO and SUBMIT! today!

Submissions after May 30 will be considered for our triannual online publications, the best work from which will appear in next year’s print issue.


You’ve found OPOSSUM’s home. We’re still moving in. It may have formerly belonged to a fox or skunk, we think it’s an old potting shed or something, there’s a smell – not a bad smell, mind you, just, you know, a sort of wild bouquet. Just how we like it.

Despite our disheveled state, we are now open for submissions! Read our manifesto, get yourself down with our thing, then head to our submissions page. We can’t wait to read your work!

If you have questions, you can get in touch with John Edgar at opossum.jedgar@gmail.com and with Jon Ross at opossum.jonross@gmail.com.

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