Opossum 2020 is in the wild

We’ve been woefully behind on updates lately, but our 2020 issue finally came out a month ago after lengthy COVID-related printing delays and is now available through the store. In addition to many fabulous poems, stories, and essays, this issue contains a near-chapbook-length section dedicated to the poetry of former Opossum editor Gerard Lambert. We miss him dearly and find comfort in knowing that he’d love for his work to go on living beyond his far too brief time on this planet.

We’ll begin trickling out content from the issue to the archives section, but here are a few highlights for you to enjoy for now:

“Girl Weds Dog: Same Old Story, Same Old Song and Dance” by Melanie Malinowski (1st Place, Opossum Prize for Fiction)

“Mahler’s 3rd Symphony” by Eric Nicholson (1st Place, Opossum Prize for Poetry)

“Howitzer”, poetry by German Dario

“Kingdom of Shoes” by Allison Hong Merrill (1st Place, Opossum Prize for Flash)

“The Ring Toss Test: Why William Bell’s ‘Any Other Way’ is the Perfect Rhythm and Blues Song,” essay by David Kirby

“The Man Over There” by Richard Ballou (3rd Place, Opossum Prize for Fiction), including a reading by the author